Monday, April 9, 2012

Holy Cow - These veggies better be delicious!

I'm exhausted

I spent hours yesterday transplanting these:

Into these:

By the end of the ordeal, my back was killing me, frankly.  I had no idea how exhausting it would be to transplant all those seedlings.  Hence, the title of this blog post.  These veggies better be freaking AWESOME!

Until now, I had my seedlings set up in the master bedroom closet, but now that I've transplanted them into bigger containers, they need more space.  So, I am setting up my potting center down in the basement.  It is a work in progress.  I set up two grow lights and dragged over some old furniture from the corners of the basement - some shelves and an old chair.  I added an old clock that used to be in our kitchen:

Then I brought down a rug that I purchased in Morocco several years ago and threw some cushions on the floor.  I don't have a potting bench yet, so - for now - I am using my boyfriend's old coffee table and side table (circa 1980's).  And voila! My new gardening center:

Here is a close-up of the seedlings:

In case you're wondering, yes, those are kitty litter boxes.   I sent the boyfriend to Home Depot to find plastic trays for the transplants and guess what? They didn't have any!  Now, tell me.  Why would you sell seeds, and seed starting trays, and all kinds of other plant related stuff, but not simple, basic plastic trays to put your seedlings on after they outgrow the little seedling starter packs that you sell?

So, being the creative, industrious people that we are, we went over to Walmart and bought their cheapest kitty litter trays and that's what we are using for our seedlings.  And, fortunately, even if I decide one day to give up seed starting - kitty litter trays will never be out of fashion in this house:


  1. I find transplanting to be very hard on the back too. After two hours, I'm toast!

    It looks like your seed growing operation is coming along nicely.

  2. Thanks Melissa. I am still going to take your advice and plant more arugula, without heat mats. Just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    I also took a chance and planted some lettuce and swiss chard outside a couple of weeks ago and I'm seeing the little green heads poking out now. So exciting!

    It probably took me about 3 1/2 hours to transplant the indoor seedlings. I could not believe how much my back hurt afterwards. This is from someone who sits in front of a computer for hours every day.