Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Questions About Hardy Lilies

The MOTH fell in love with this Lily when we were at a local garden center a few weeks ago:

So, we bought it and I transplanted it into this container.  Since, then it has been losing flower petals pretty much every day. I assume this is pretty normal, but I have not been able to find much information about "Hardy Lilies" on line, and they are not mentioned in my plant book.

My questions are:
  • Once the flower petals fall off, should I remove/pinch off the little nub at the bottom or just leave it.
  • Will any flowers grow back this season, or are they gone for good? 
  • Once all the flowers are gone, what do I do - should I cut the foliage or just leave it? 
  • What do I do with it over the winter?
Any help would be fabulous!


  1. If that's an Asiatic lily (I'm pretty sure from your photo), they just bloom once per season but you don't deadhead them or remove anything because they use their foilage after blooming to gather nutrients for next year's blooms. You just leave them alone and let it do what they do.

    It's a bulb plant so the greenery will eventually disappear into the soil and reappear next year (just like tulips etc). :-)

    1. thanks Melissa. I will do my best to leave it alone. the foliage is very nice itself, so i think it's an interesting plant even without the bloom.