Sunday, May 13, 2012

Before and After

Today, we finally mowed the lawn with our new lawnmower.

Here is the before shot:

The first step was to move all the fallen tree branches off the lawn.  Here, my lovely assistant and spokesmodel demonstrates step one:

After that, my spokesmodel suddenly turned into a caveman who would not even hear of me mowing the lawn - not even part of it.  He did the whole thing himself, while I went around the edges and trimmed the long pieces of grass that the lawnmower missed.  Apparently, the space-time continuum temporarily turned in on itself and I ended up in 1955 for a full 45 minutes.

Now the after shot:

Ahhh . . . it looks just the way I feel after a new haircut

Wait a minute ... who is that in the distance, peering out the front, left window?

Let us approach ... stealthily ...

Hi - my name is Emma - I spend lots of time gazing wistfully out the window
Side note: This morning, Emma, who tends to be a little stand-offish to me, abandoned her usual post next to the MOTH and snuggled up to me - I consider it a Mother's Day gift.

The good thing about finally mowing, is that there were lots of grass clippings to add to Geoffrey the Geobin composter:

Yum! Tasty grass clippings for Geoffrey!
Also, I'm sure our neighbors are very happy that our eyesore of lawn is finally under control.

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