Thursday, May 17, 2012

We Have a Nest

Over the past week, we've been meeting with various landscapers and tree people to try to come up with a plan for our backyard.  We have a number of large trees that hang over the yard (and in some cases quite close to the house).  So, in almost every case, the landscapers and tree people have advised us to cut back various tree limbs both to open up the canopy and to protect against limbs hitting the house during storms, etc.  Interestingly, the last landscaper who met with us today was the only one who noticed this:

Excuse the poor quality - I don't have a telephoto lens

We have a little bird's nest (with a little mommy bird in it) in one of the tree limbs that everyone has been telling us to cut down.  Obviously, that tree limb ain't going nowhere until mama bird finishes her business.  I'm not saying the other guys wouldn't have noticed it at some point before it was too late - I'm sure they would have.  But it was interesting that only one person was observant enough to catch it right then during the initial consult.

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