Monday, May 21, 2012

Need Help With Problem Plants

I'm seeing some problems on some of my plants.  If anyone can help me identify the problem and what to do about it, I'd be very grateful.

First, there are brown spots on some of my tomato plant leaves.   Interestingly, even though I planted four different types of seeds, the brown spots only appear on the San Marzano plant leaves.  Here are shots of several different plants:

Second, I planted several carrot seeds outside over a month ago.  Only one has had any significant growth and it was looking pretty good until yesterday.  Now the leaves are all mottled, like this:

Finally, I bought some succulents at Home Depot, which I planted in a container.  One of them is starting to turn an yellowy orange.  The first photo below the top part of the plant, which looks pretty much as green as when I first bought it.  The second photo is of the ends of the plant, which are now turning yellow.

Any help would be appreciated!


  1. Looks like blight to me.

    Is that really a carrot plant?

  2. Hi Melissa - thanks for responding. Is there anything I can do about the blight? Or should I just toss the plants?

    I think it's a carrot! It grew up where I planted the carrot seeds. lol.

  3. Hi Nikki,

    You'll probably want to look up blight and see if it matches your situation. It tends to come with damp spring weather.

    I really don't think that's a carrot.

    If would toss that one tomato plant if you think it's blight to avoid infecting the others. Or, could have been from bad (disease carrying seed).

    The more you restore your yard to natural conditions (i.e. how it was before housing developments were built), the better balance will be restored amongst the plants/insects/etc. and problems tend to lessen.

    1. Hi Melissa - I tried to respond to your comment a few days ago, but my reply got lost somehow. Anyway, you were completely right. that was not a carrot. lol! I am gardentarded! I just assumed it was because it grew up where I planted the carrot seeds, but, now, it was just a weed. I have tossed out the blighted tomatoes. I have a ton of other tomato plants, so no big loss. Interesting that all the blighted ones came from the same seed packet, but none of the other tomatoes were affected (so far, fingers crossed).


  4. Typo: Should be 'I' would toss... :-)