Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Garden Plan (a work in progress)

The Current Plan for the Veggie Garden

I haven't made a final decision about what my veggie garden will look like.  I signed up for the free trial of the garden planner at and have been experimenting with different ideas.  This is my latest plan.  From left to right, top to bottom, it will have 9 bean plants, 2 cucumber, 4 different types of tomato plants, 4 parsley, 1 lavender, 2 different types of pepper, another lavender, 1 rosemary, a bunch of chives, 1 oregano, 8 basil (2 different types) and 1 sage.   Here is some more info about the plan.

The garden planner seems pretty useful.  It gives you a timeline of when your plants can be started indoors, planted outdoors, and harvested, based on the frost dates in your area. I have no idea how accurate it is.  I'm sure my free trial will be ending soon, so I'll have to decide whether to keep it.  No decision made at this time.  I do really like their website and blog, however.  It has a lot of helpful information.

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