Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Embarrassing Backyard

I live in a lovely new house, but my backyard is a disaster.  When we bought it last July, it had a blanket of green lawn, which promptly died after we moved in due, in part, to the shade caused by several large trees.  Not only that, as I've mentioned before, I never raked up the leaves from last fall.

Leaf-covered corner of my backyard
Plus there are several large "trees" that may have started their lives in my neighbor's backyard, but appear to have broken through the border and possibly even have propagated in my yard.  They have long branches that worm their way around the other trees in my yard and are covered in green leaves.  I'm starting to wonder if they are really just enormous weeds and not actually trees at all.  They are kind of ugly.

Green monstrosity
I finally started the process of raking the yard last week, using the leaves to start my new compost bin.  Today I spent several hours raking the rest of the rest of the leaves, but with my compost bin completely full,

Geoffrey, the Geobin - completely full
I left the leaves sitting in random piles around the yard.

No, those are not dead bodies buried all over my yard
I'm too tired to deal with them, so I will probably just bag them tomorrow.  The MOTH has promised to help, but now he's not "feeling well" so I may be on my own again.  Poor Pookums.

I also started to "prune" some of the trees/weeds/stuff at the back border of the yard, because it has grown so dense, it's basically just a mess back there.  I don't know if I should be "pruning" these plants or if they're thinking - "Hey, Idiot! What the heck are you doing? You're not supposed to be chopping my branches off!  Will you please go read a blog entry on pruning!"

After cutting back some of the mess
After today's foray, I'm even more convinced I should hire a landscape designer to help me with a cohesive plan for the front and back yards.  Even though my yard is pretty small, it is just too overwhelming to handle this by myself, particularly when half the time, I can't tell the difference between a plant and a weed.

Here are some more shots of the hideous backyard.  Don't you love the randomness of the neighbors' ugly fences juxtaposed against each other:

Geoffrey's view of the backyard
Another angle - I know, horrible.
Fortunately, I came back inside to this snuggle-fest:

Emma and Ghost

Sorry, didn't mean to disturb you - as you were
 So, that makes everything okay.


  1. You have an excellent yard. In case it helps, I grind my leaves down with a weed wacker. It takes about a minute to reduce a binful to tiny shreds.

  2. Thanks for the tip Melissa. I don't have a weed wacker yet or anything else that I can use to shred leaves. Another thing for the list!