Sunday, March 4, 2012

Well, Lookie Here

It turns out my lawn is not the barren wasteland I thought it was.  These green cuties have been poking their heads out of the ground for the past few weeks.

Bless Their Little Green Heads
I figured they were some kind of bulb, but who knows? I'm no expert.  For all I know, they're weeds.  Then yesterday I saw this:

Why so droopy?
Am I supposed to do something with these guys? Water them? I don't know.  There are actually more of them, but no rhyme or reason to where they're planted:

Anyway, I'm happy to see them.  Maybe there are more surprises in store.

Update:  I watered them.  Not sure if that was a good idea or not ...


  1. No need to water bulbs. //New blog, new garden = great adventures to be had. A big welcome to the blogging world!

    1. Btw, Melissa, I really love your blog. I spent hours the other day. You have a great writing style and voice.

  2. Thanks! I had no idea. They were looking so droopy and I had the hose out anyway, because I was setting up my compost bin, so I just threw some water their way. Now I know better! They are looking much perkier today.