Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gardening Class

I'm planning to go to this gardening program at Rutgers on March 24.  It's divided into four sessions, each of which has several classes you can choose from.  Now I have to decide which to attend.  I think I may have convinced the MOTH (man of the house) to join me, even though he's relegated all gardening responsibilities to me.

Here is the schedule:

AM Workshops

Session 1:
9:00am-11:45am (Double Session - Spans Entire Morning):
#1:- How to Make a Rain Barrel: Hands-On Workshop
#2: Color in the Garden - New!
#3: Managing the Good and Bad Bugs in Your Garden - New!
#4: Spring and Summer Turf Management
#5: Composting: As the Worm Turns

#6: What Plant, Where? Planning Your Home Landscape - New!
#7: Canning Fruits and Vegetables
#8: Controlling Common Pests in the Vegetable Garden - New!
#9: Trees and Their Care

Session 2: 10:45am-11:45am

#10: Adding Ornaments for Garden Interest - New!
#11: What’s Wrong with My Plant?
#12: "Uh-Oh!" Plants
#13: Plant Propagation: Cool Plants in Small Batches - New!
#14: Designing Your Landscape to Reduce Energy Costs; Alternative Energy Options for Your Home - New!
#15: Organic Foods: What Do We Mean? - New!
#16: Growing Tomatoes Successfully
#17: The Do’s and Don’ts of Butterfly Gardening for 2012 - New!

Lunch Break: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Keynote Presentation:

PM Workshops

Session 3: 1:15pm-2:15pm
#18: Creating Curb Appeal - New!
#19: Common Plant Disease of Ornamentals
#20: An Appreciation of Wine
#21: Lawn and Landscape Care Without Using Pesticides - New!
#22: Easy Garden Walkways - New!
#23: Curious, Weeping, Unique and Bizarre - New!
#24: Successful Plant Selection for a Healthy Garden - New!
#25: Eco-Friendly and Drought Tolerant Native Plants - New!
#26: Interesting Hollies for the Mid-Atlantic - New!

Session 4: 2:30pm-4:00pm

#27: Fresh Flower Arranging: Hands-On Workshop
#28: Hostas for Garden Texture
#29: Landscape Product Advertising: Fact or Fiction? - New!
#30: Backyard Chickens and Their Care - New!
#31: Perennials for Year-Round Interest - New!
#32: Beekeeping 101
#33: Healthy Garden Soil
#34: Easy Drip Irrigation for Your Garden - New!
#35: Best Management Practices: Proper Pruning Techniques


  1. Thanks for posting a link to my blog in your blog roll! You are so organized for a first timer, and it looks like you are off to a great start. Don't hesitate to stop by my blog and leave any questions you have - since we are working in a similar climate. This list of seminars looks amazing, how will you choose??

  2. Hi! You are my first commenter. You should get some kind of prize or something. lol. Thank you so much for visiting and for the encouraging words. I'm sure I will need a lot of help and advice, so thanks for the invitation to ask questions. You may end up regretting it!

    I have decided to do the rain barrel seminar, which takes up two sessions. I really want a rain barrel and have watched several videos about how to set one up, but I think I need someone to just walk me through it. For the afternoon sessions, I gave them a selection of options and I will find out next week which ones I am registered for. I will post about how it goes.