Sunday, March 4, 2012

My First Seeds

I went to Home Depot yesterday to pick up some more gardening supplies.  I hadn't planned on starting any seeds indoors this season (I figured I would buy transplants and direct sow seeds, since I'm not really set up to start seeds).  Of course, once I got there and saw all the pretty seed packets, I couldn't resist.  I guess I'm a sucker for glossy marketing, even in the gardening department.  So, I bought a bunch of seed packets and one of those indoor seed starter thingies.  I didn't have time to set it up this weekend, so it will probably have to wait until next weekend.

I bought pretty much anything that said it could be started indoors and transplanted later.  I am holding off from buying anything that says "Direct Sow," since I can't do anything with them yet.  I got several different kinds of tomatoes and peppers, so I can see which ones grow best and/or taste best.  Anyway, here is my very first set of seed packets:

My First Seed Packets - March 2012
  •  Martha Stewart Brand:
    • Basil Genovese
    • Basil Sweet
    • Chives
    • Parsley Moss Curled
    • Tomato Beefsteak
  • Burpee Brand:
    • Rosemary
    • Sweet Pepper Carnival Hybrid Mix
    • Hot Pepper
    • Sweet Pepper
    • Tomato - Super Sweet 100 Hybrid
    • Tomato - Early Treat Hybrid
    • Tomato - Best Boy Hybrid
    • Tomato - San Marzano
    • Sage, Common (oops, I accidentally bought two packs of this)
    • True Lavender

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