Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More pollinating and harvesting

I harvested two zucchini a couple of days ago, which were delicious!  The plant already has four more zucchini that are almost ready to harvest.  Meanwhile, I noticed this morning that there were at least three bumble bees working their pudgy butts off to pollinate the squash plant.  I was happy to see that, because I was starting to get concerned that the squash wasn't getting pollinated.  I even got up early a couple of mornings to manually pollinate the flowers.  Very glad to have that task taken off my hands!

I'm going to let the zucchini and squash get a little bigger before I harvest them, but this evening I did harvest a few more hot peppers:

The little red one is from the black pearl pepper plant.  The peppers start as tiny little purplish peppers, but then (apparently) they turn red.  I just discovered this when I went back thinking it was about time to harvest one of the little purple peppers - only to see it had turned a lovely deep shade of red!  These are considered "ornamental" peppers and there seems to be some difference of opinion as to whether they are suitable for eating.  I guess we will find out!

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