Saturday, July 14, 2012


Further Update (7/15/12):

The Moth read on-line that you can deter groundhogs by placing objects that look like predators (like owl statues) in and around the garden.  We didn't really feel like buying an owl statute, so the Moth decided to make his own scary looking predator and put it in front of the squash:

"I will kill you Groundhog!!!!"

I have also sprayed the leaves with hot pepper spray and bought some capsicum-based powder to spread around the area, both of which are supposed to deter critters from eating your plants.  Apparently, groundhogs don't like spicy food.

Update (7/14/12 - afternoon): 

Later in the afternoon, the groundhog came by again, but our neighbor's kitty was hanging out by the garden.  They got into a staring match until groundhog gave up and ran away.

Good Pippi
The Moth got a photo of her out the living room window, just after she scared off the groundhog.  She is actually a really sweet friendly cat who visits me a lot when I am gardening.  Since our cats don't go outside, it's kind of nice to have a feline gardening companion.  I just worry about her crossing the street from our neighbors house, so I always tell her to be careful and look both ways.


There has been a sneaky groundhog munching on my the leaves of my squash plant.  Fortunately, he doesn't actually eat the squashes, just the leaves.  But still, we don't want to encourage him.  Both the Moth and I have caught him in the act, but we barely get a glimpse before he's off like a shot - running like mad with his bushy little tail flapping behind him.  Usually, he still has a huge squash leaf hanging out of his mouth as he runs off.  He doesn't seem to touch anything else, but he sure finds those squash leaves tasty.

Today, the Moth finally got photographic evidence.  Here he is creeping over our neighbor's back wall:

Tentatively climbing over:

He then scampers diagonally across her yard and up to the squash plant, which is on the side yard between our houses.

He carefully makes his selection:


Hmmmm  ... maybe one of these:

Munch, munch, munch ...

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